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Banking on a Bank, Personally

Customer-Friendly My pension from defense service gets credited to a nationalised bank a kilometer away from home, whose staff members have been very friendly. Helpful? Yes. At times they create situations forcing me to seek their help. Using net banking, on 1st … Continue reading

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A Word and a Thousand Pictures

Yesterday, 25 May 2011, Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Map, was at a Crossword bookshop in Bangalore. He spoke brilliantly on how to use mind mapping technique to improve thinking by associating and organizing thoughts as images, resulting in … Continue reading

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Teaching Patterns

May 27 2011: Based on valuable feedback from Raj, I have added a summary of the patterns at the beginning, and also have grouped the patterns in to three categories. Most of my students have been adult professionals and I have … Continue reading

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T[urn]ime Table

The schools will reopen in a couple of weeks after summer vacations. Parents and children are busy covering new text and note books and soaking in the fragrance of fresh prints. For the young ones, this is a time of … Continue reading

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A Job, Career, and Profession

Karthikeyan suggested that I explain the difference between profession, career and a job. A Job We seek jobs to earn a livelihood and to earn money for a more comfortable life. For a student, if the school is boring, if … Continue reading

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Metaphors in Classroom

We memorise a meaningless word “VIBGYOR” and associate its alphabets with colours of rainbow. We are encouraged by teachers and memory coaches to form our own mnemonics as aids to recall. Mnemonics do not have any standard; each person may … Continue reading

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Home Maker’s Agony

Keshav’s comments on my last blog prompted me to write this page! My wife often states, like many other ladies: “My mother did not task me with any domestic chores till I was married.” (a tinge of pride) “My daughter … Continue reading

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