Scientific Temper and Political Life – Strange Bedfellows

Today’s newspapers carry a paid advertisement from the Government of Karnataka – spending tax payers’ money.

It is an open letter from the current Chief Minister to the previous Chief Minister, who is the son of ex Prime Minister. The current CM is blaming the previous CM, his family, and his father the ex PM for their attempt to destabilise six different governments in the state. The CM is challenging the ex to take “an oath in front of the Almighty Lord Manjunatha Swamy of Dharmasthala.”

Why are these unholy people dragging the god to their dirty politics? Bangalore has adequate sewerage to wash their dirty linen, if they still want to do it in public. Instead of improving the governance, the government is made to spend crores in hollow rituals. How is it appropriate in a secular state? In a country where the constitution declares it the duty of its citizens to develop scientific temper?

A few days ago we saw a report that the CM does not want to occupy his official residence after spending huge amount of public money to make the house vaasthu compliant. Ironically, the house is named “Anugraha!” What we see is only “duraagraha” in the dealings of people in politics.

The open letter from the CM ends with a statement “Let us prove our truthfulness in the divine presence of Lord Manjunatha Swamy of Dharmasthala.” Wonderful, respectable CM! You have already told in the same letter with glittering sincerity, in the second sentence of third paragraph – “I am offering you inducements in terms of money, future coalition, etc, etc,.” I tend to believe you for once, and probably that is what the ex CM is telling as well. Where is the disagreement? Why go all the way to Dharmasthala to spoil the sanctity of the place? Why don’t the two of you meet at “Anugraha” and bless each other? Though you two disagree in open, you seem to be in perfect harmony in private, which inadvertently slips out in your public statements. Let us have the city polluted with posters of the two of you in a single photograph showing your famous “V” front – the one we used to see when you were the deputy of your ex. Do spend part of tax amount on it.



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A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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One Response to Scientific Temper and Political Life – Strange Bedfellows

  1. pgbhat says:

    “Balus’ Musings” has a very interesting story. See

    Spirits of dead lived in a piece of land given to build a tribal school at Hosahalli. But the Chieftain of the tribe negotiated with the spirits to leave the premises “as it would benefit the tribal children and impact their future positively.”

    Balu, can we get Masthi, the tribal leader to lead the spirits away from “Anugraha?” Are the ghosts in the minds of politician too tough for Masthi to handle?


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