Chow Down

If a vehicle breaks down in the busy streets of a city, the traffic goes bonkers. Not that they don’t disturb the flow in high ways. We curse the ill maintained autorikshaw, bus, or truck, often prone to breakdown on streets. As an owner of the vehicle, I may use contaminated fuel, neglect maintenance, or overload the vehicle. The vehicle is mine – why should others care? We care because the breakdown disrupts traffic and causes us inconvenience. The vehicles share public amenities and facilities.

In the last blog we talked about indulgence in food. If I abuse my body with unhealthy food, spoil my health and become suboptimal in my tasks, should others care? Are they inconvenienced? If one person is sick in the family, other members and caregivers suffer too. If a person is unwell in the office, her colleagues bear the brunt. The healthcare system is also strained. A huge amount of tax-payers money is spent on subsidising medicine and healthcare. Each one’s health is the other person’s concern too. We can’t ask for whom the bell tolls.

Maintaining good health is not only personal, it is our family and social responsibility. Keeping ourselves active is also a show of respect and gratitude to others – those care and care not.

Hindustan Times reported on 9th June 2011 that

Obesity in children has become a worrying subject. … This trend is found in the metros where kids pass most of their time indoors — in school, tuitions, watching TV or playing indoor games. To add to this their intake comprises a wide variety of junk food. In a study conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), among children of age group of 14 to 18, 17 per cent are found to be obese or overweight.

Obese children are more prone to heart disease, Type II diabetes, stroke, kidney failure and cancer.

No parent would like their children to face such risks in life. Overweight children are physically less active and mentally less alert.

In prestigious seminars that we attend paying a good amount as fee, the lunch is often sumptuous. Post-lunch speakers start with apologies and bear with dozing audience. The talks, though good, cannot keep the audience alert because the rich food plays its role. After a feast for the palate, we feel tired and lethargic. The food speaks.

Parents, please consider this when you feed your children and then expect them to concentrate on studies or home-work. Think before [ill]treating your children with mouth-watering burgers and pizzas. Think before eating-out becomes a habit with the family.

If food is served in the workshops conducted by Yogakshema, it is non-fatty, lean, and mostly a millet meal ending with a banana for desert. The participants seldom feel sleepy post-lunch, even though they may not be used with sitting in a room for long hours. The audience has always been far more alert when the meal is simple.

I am repeating what is well known – an appeal to take care of you and your family’s health by increasing physical activities, eating healthy food, and cultivating healthy thinking patterns. Be role models to your little ones.

Yogakshema conducts regular seminars on Art and Science of Healthy Living. You may contact Mrs. Sudha Ashok, who coordinates the training, at 996 458 4019.

End-Note: Documentary film “Chow Down”  follows three individuals on their quest to eliminate ‘chronic’ diseases through  diet.  Instead of opting for surgery and medication, these patients are going to try to treat the cause of their illness:diet.

  • Industry: because they make big profits off of processed and unhealthy foods.
  • Medicine: because they make money off of giving you pills and surgery to ‘fix’ the problem.
  • Government: because it is infiltrated by lobbyists for meat, dairy and corporate food giants so they can adjust policy and recommendations to continue to make profits, regardless of the affect on public health.

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A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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  1. pgbhat says:

    From: P V Maiya []

    Excellent piece of advice.Three principal motivational factors in human beings are ego, hunger and sex. Their afflictive nature can be moderated with practice of meditation— as simple as being aware even for a fleeting second.



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