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Everyone’s Opinion

Who are these people forever watching our actions, attire, moves and thoughts – like a Big Brother?  Kumar says “Everyone thinks that I am a failure.” He is one of the bold and successful persons I have known. He quit … Continue reading

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Power Distance

Last Friday, as part of selection process, a candidate for the position of physics teacher taught spherical mirrors to class 9. She taught acceptably well, but wrongly explained ‘principal axis.’ When she completed the lesson and left the class, I … Continue reading

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Once Bitten …

My three years old daughter asked for a fan. Having been away at sea for a fortnight, I was not aware of what new toy was in vogue in her friends circle.  The following Saturday afternoon I set out to … Continue reading

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Empathy for Traders

Suffering is – not getting what we want, getting what we do not want and when things are different from the way we want them to be. Our desires shape what we “want.”  Much of what we get and the … Continue reading

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Quality of Service

Selling is an opportunity to build a relationship Dr. Usha Vasthare and I visited Featherlite showroom to buy a computer table for use at home. We chose a piece which was out of stock and would take about 5 weeks … Continue reading

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Taken for a [bus] ride

Last Friday I took a Vishal Tourist bus for Karkala. My boarding point was 5 k.m. from the main point of departure in Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore. However, the time taken to cover the distance is about 90 minutes as the … Continue reading

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