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Let Gifts Be Gifts

With the New Year eve two days away, there is plethora of “free gifts” offers from shops big and small. Smell of a festival is an occasion for the offer. I wonder if there is any “paid gift.” If we … Continue reading

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A privilege as well as a responsibility

Grady Booch states, “… being a software developer is both a privilege as well as a responsibility. It’s a privilege, because what we do changes the world; it’s a responsibility because what we do…changes the world.” In my pursuit to … Continue reading

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Stumble Upon

“What many have sought but failed to find   A few, by chance, have stumbled upon …” – AG Lamb  “To discover or meet with accidentally or unexpectedly” is one of the meanings for the phrase ‘stumble upon.’ A single word to replace this could be ‘Serendipity,’ … Continue reading

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Back to School

Shree Bharathi Vidyalaya is a small school in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, with about 550 students in its pre-kindergarten to 10th standard, attended by lower-middle and middle class children. It is the tenth academic year of the school, and three batches of … Continue reading

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Corruption of Attitude

Anna Hazare is in Bangalore today. I admire him for what he is and what he stands for. I fully support the anti-corruption movement. Fighting the corruption by implementing stringent rules and provide a framework to enforce them is important. … Continue reading

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Don’t Share Your Secrets With Me

A Times of India column on 24 November reported that one of the dreaded phrases a husband hears from his wife is ‘we need to talk.’ Such invitation may send chill down the spine not only for a spouse, but … Continue reading

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Reading Out Loud

In an earlier blog I made a case for reading aloud. I got appreciative feedback on these views. Today I found a blog on British Council site reporting positive experience of a teacher who made her students read aloud in … Continue reading

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