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Monday’s (26 March) newspaper shows photographs of leaked question papers for PU examination. The question papers were hand-written. The agents would have bulk photocopied and sold these papers. In a photocopying shop in my neighbourhood, several eager students and some … Continue reading

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Python’s Claim

Wikipedia reports about 650 programming languages. Wanting to learn basics of a new language, I chose Python. Some of its features will help me in teaching a few modelling concepts better. Much smaller source code size – ½ to 1/10 … Continue reading

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Load Test

Generators are load tested as part of periodic maintenance routine. We test their behaviour with about 20% overloads, zero-load, sudden loading and unloading and the duration for which they can run with full load. Different makes have recommended test regimes … Continue reading

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Value Traps

The classic book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” (ZMM) by Robert Persig has a subtitle – “An Inquiry into Values.” In the blog on Double Loop Learning we discussed belief system. An inquiry into values is similar to … Continue reading

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Double Loop Learning

Robin Sharma wrote “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” in 1999 and sold millions of copies. Then he wrote ten more books, earning enough to buy a few Ferrari’s out of the income from each. He lectures internationally on leadership … Continue reading

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Score Matrix

What do teachers, parents, and students learn after a class test in school? If a child scores well, Parents feel proud, congratulate themselves for the genes they have given to their child, justify the expenses of private coaching classes, and … Continue reading

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