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A Voter in a Haystack

“Do you know where is my …” asks my daughter in a panic just before leaving home in the morning. Whatever it is, she can’t find her stuff – it could be hall ticket before an examination or learner’s licence … Continue reading

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Election Commission and Voters Omission

The Hindu reported on 23 Jan 2012: “Elections are the biggest source of corruption in the country,” stated Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) S.Y. Quraishi. We all agree with the CEC when he adds, “If 30 per cent of people vote … Continue reading

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Voter List – An Augean Stable?

When I respond to the courtesy question “what is your name?” people write my name with diverse spellings – Butt/But, Bat/Batt, Bhut, etc.  I am a little scared of the last version as it could soon become Bhoot or Bhooth, … Continue reading

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Garbage In – More Stinking Garbage Out: Apathy of Voter List

Karnataka state government made a crusade to rename the state capital from Bangalore to Bengaluru – or is it Bengalooru? Prof. of G Venkatasubbaiah, a 99-year-old lexicographer, said, “I don’t endorse the name-changing madness since patriotism is in the heart, … Continue reading

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Employees, Managers, and Owners

“I would like to add my name in the ‘people responsible’ for every activity in the school,” said Girija Hegde yesterday as we were discussing how to plan and track different tasks at SBV. Girija Hegde is the founding headmistress … Continue reading

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In Search of Leaders

I have been less frequent in blogging for the past one month as I have been very busy in extracting voter records from the lists published in pdf form by the Election Commission. You can see the results of my … Continue reading

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