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Batteries included – but, may be defective

A month ago I ordered online for a TrekStor MP3 player with FM receiver. I received the piece, batteries included. However, the gadget did not turn on. After coaxing it for half an hour to respond, I tried a new … Continue reading

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Voters List – the root or rout of democracy: Muda, Mura, Muri

Muda, mura and muri are three Japanese terms about continuous improvement. The terms refer to waste, inconsistency or unevenness, and strain. Their avoidance is the main focus of Toyota Production System (TPS.) We say TATA to Toyota. Working with the … Continue reading

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An Old Game Waiting to be Named

A Transaction is an atomic operation; a message, data modification, or other procedure that is guaranteed to perform completely or not at all.  When we pay tax, part of which meets election expenses, banking system performs the following actions: begin transaction debit … Continue reading

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An EPIC Story

Prof. HN Mahabala’s grandson introduces himself, “I am not Tejas,” lest you confuse him for his identical twin. Each person and every entity has unique identity. In many occassions, we mask identity to reduce complexities. When we say, “a student in my class,” we have a student in mind, … Continue reading

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Fight the Truth or Windmill?

This morning I visited my bank to collect a new cheque book in response to a mail telling that it was ready. It was a lean business hour and there was none on the counter. When I requested for the cheque book, the … Continue reading

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Rules, Spirit, and Common Sense

It is a pleasant task to thank the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) for implementing one of my suggestions on Search Your Name page. Now, the queries at ttp:// return less false negatives. It has also allayed the fears of his IT specialist that thousands of unwieldy … Continue reading

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Voters from Cradle to Grave and Beyond

An old story: An American firm ordered for one million electronic components on a Japanese firm and told that a defect rate of one per thousand was acceptable. The delivery came with a note, “We have packed separately your 999,000 good parts and … Continue reading

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