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Reward the guilty and punish the innocent – EC Style

Bangalore Mirror has today published a story about a whole road missing from Electoral Rolls. The news story states “Eighty-one year old SR Venkatram, a long time resident of BP Wadia Road and an active RTI member who combed through … Continue reading

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Heavenly Virtues and Earthly Justice

Diligence is one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, indicative of work ethic. I wish the Chief Eelectoral Officer, Karnataka (CEO), organisation showed at least some earthly justice in their work affecting the rights of citizens. When the current CEO had … Continue reading

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Sniff the Electoral Roll

“Chikpet, Balepet, Sultanpet and Cottonpet have heaps of garbage on the roadside,” is a news item, though stink in the city has ceased to be news. BBMP Officers and Employees Association, with a demand that their corrupt practices should not … Continue reading

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Don’t break the brake when you fix the light

Some friends and relatives have advised me against “wasting time” in analysing the Electoral Rolls of Karnataka. When I discussed the findings with a very knowledgable and highly respected friend and sought his opinion, he wrote, “None of your findings … Continue reading

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Infosuicide at CEO, Karnataka, website?

I may be one of the greatest fans of CEO, Karnataka, website. I visit the site almost daily, looking for new information, visible and hidden. The site gets updated without warning and leaving no clue about the latest changes. Seeking … Continue reading

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Neighbours envy; though not owner’s pride

A decade and half ago, Chandrababu Naidu was being lauded for the positive impact he was making as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh with good administration and some innovative implementations. Our own Karnataka CM JH Patel, in his bibulous … Continue reading

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Sanctity of Voter ID in Karnataka

“Disqualify voter ID cards from being proof of identity and proof of address in Karnataka” is our call today.  In an earlier blog we discussed about the mess with Voter ID or EPIC number. Subsequently, the CEO, Karnataka, published modified … Continue reading

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