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Ritualistic Invitations

When I meet people in various gatherings or on the road, many acquaintances tell me, “You should come home sometime.” However, before I can ask their phone number, address, date and time I was invited or requested or ordered to … Continue reading

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Politics of Electoral Rolls

For the past two days, newspaper headlines rant about Rahul Gandhi becoming the Vice President of Congress Party. Seven states will face assembly elections this year and seven other next year. The big fight for Loksabha seats is due next year. … Continue reading

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Electoral Roll Reforms

Here is the text of my keynote address in a National Conference on Electoral Reforms held at Sri Vivekananda Law College, Puttur, on 19 Jan 2013. Honorable Justice Shivaraj Patil, Capt Ganesh Karnik, Sri Rangamurthy, Sri KR Acahrya,  other dignitaries, … Continue reading

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Corporate Communication

My bank sent me a 500-words letter on the subject of income tax deduction at source for the interest on my deposits. This is a typical official letter, to cover their actions. It starts stating that I would be aware … Continue reading

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Deliberate Listening

Neerav’s grandmother brought home a book on Hindu religion and philosophy. As she took a nap after lunch, Neerav sat with the book and was reading page 10 when the grandmother woke up. She asked with wonder “what do you … Continue reading

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