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Ritualistic Invitations

When I meet people in various gatherings or on the road, many acquaintances tell me, “You should come home sometime.” However, before I can ask their phone number, address, date and time I was invited or requested or ordered to … Continue reading

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Politics of Electoral Rolls

For the past two days, newspaper headlines rant about Rahul Gandhi becoming the Vice President of Congress Party.¬†Seven states will face assembly elections this year and seven other next year. The big fight for Loksabha seats is due next year. … Continue reading

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Electoral Roll Reforms

Here is the text of my keynote address in a National Conference on Electoral Reforms held at Sri Vivekananda Law College, Puttur, on 19 Jan 2013. Honorable Justice Shivaraj Patil, Capt Ganesh Karnik, Sri Rangamurthy, Sri KR Acahrya, ¬†other dignitaries, … Continue reading

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Corporate Communication

My bank sent me a 500-words letter on the subject of income tax deduction at source for the interest on my deposits. This is a typical official letter, to cover their actions. It starts stating that I would be aware … Continue reading

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Deliberate Listening

Neerav’s grandmother brought home a book on Hindu religion and philosophy. As she took a nap after lunch, Neerav sat with the book and was reading page 10 when the grandmother woke up. She asked with wonder “what do you … Continue reading

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