How Unique is Identity?

For 3 years since 2009, Jahnavi Nilekani had 4 votes (differently spelt and different ages), at serials 1235 to 1238 in voter list AC1720108.pdf. Records at serials 1235, 1236, and 1237 were deleted in Jul 2012. Serial 1238 showing her in house# 859 was retained.


In the voter list AC172108.pdf published on 28 Jan 2013, Nandan Nilekani and Rohini Nilekani are in house# 856 as earlier. In house# 859 Jahnavi Nilekani, daughter of Nandan Nilekani, continues to live. She is now 25, older by one year. However, Janhavi Nilekani, 24 year old, wife of Shray Chandra has entered Nandan Nilekani’s house# 856.

I have been quoting example of Jahnavi since 2010. Also, in the ADR National Conference in 2010, attended by then CEC Mr. Chawla and several senior officers of ECI, I had shown four voter records of the person.

The record at serial 1313 above was not in the list  published by CEO on 10 December 2012. The last serial number in that version was 1201. Therefore, the new entry was made between Dec 2012 and Jan 2013.

If these are entries of the same person with two different voter IDs, different ages, and differently spelt names, different relative names, it is ironical to the daughter of UID crusader. This error happens when we are continuously assured of the high quality data entry program and efficient de-duplication.

UIDAI accepts information in voter ID card as a proof of identity and address of the person. See

Such examples point to deep corruption of data in electoral roll, which will corrupt other systems too if accepted as proofs. Till the CEO can get the voter lists to a respectable quality, it is only prudent that he asks different agencies not to use voter ID card as proof of identity and proof of address anywhere.


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