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“It’s all of technology they can’t take…  living with technology without really having anything to do with it. Or rather, they had something to do with it, but their own selves were outside of it, detached, removed. They were involved … Continue reading

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Excavate a mountain to find a mouse

Today’s times of India has a story titled “We can make a mark.” The internet version does not include the following information  in a box on hard copy:  “It has taken more than 200,000 man hours of on-the-ground effort by … Continue reading

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Celebrate Differences

Albert divorced his first wife Mileva Maric despite sharing common interest in physics and having been lovers in their teenage. Elsa too divorced her first husband Max Loewenthal. Albert and Elsa married later and lived happily. Albert’s mother and Elsa’s mother were … Continue reading

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Courage Follows Conviction

Poorvi is four-year old, a  KG student. Two weeks ago her teacher was very angry with a boy in the class for not completing his homework. As the teacher was scolding the boy, Poorvi quietly walked up to the teacher … Continue reading

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