Dance of Devils

Dr. Shivamurthy Shivacharya Maha Swamiji of  Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru Brihanmath, Sirigere, writes a Column named “Bisilu Beladingalu” on Thursdays in Vijaya Karnataka, a popular Kannada News Paper. 

What he wrote on 4th April is very encouraging:

There is no rule against election adjustments between political parties. Similarly, it is possible, though difficult, for all the candidates of a constituency to agree on fair code of conduct. Willingness is important, which can bring about desirable changes. In this spirit, all the candidates from Chikmagalur constituency met me at Sirigere and discussed their code of conduct in detail. They have all agreed not to lure citizens with money, liquor, clothes, etc., and not to indulge in other malpractices. They have voluntarily signed an agreement on this accord. In a public meeting to be held in Chikmagalur, they will take oath that they won’t indulge in any malpractice during their campaign.

Undoubtedly, this is very encouraging. Many would doubt if it will succeed. If we suspect a groom before the marriage, all the daughters will remain single. We have to trust the character of groom. To honour such trust is the responsibility of the candidates and their supporters.


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