Fake Ignorance is an Attitude, Behaviour and Practice

On 20th January I had blogged about a fake report accepted by CEO, Karnataka, about Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour, Beliefs and Practices (KABBP) and forwarded to EC. Today’s (11 May 2013) Times of India has published a story on this, titled “Survey on voting riddled with mistakes.”

The article also carried a statement by the CEO, “I took charge in December, 2012. The report must have been submitted before that. I would not like to comment on it.” 

I admire Mr. Anil Kumar Jha, CEO, Karnataka, for his excellent work and good cheer. It has been a pleasure to interact with him since he became the CEO and I hope to work with him and his organisation to improve the electoral roll system. However, his statement in Times of India suggests that he has forgotten my mails and a few discussions on the subject. I had sent him copy of survey report; he did not have to search for it in his files. I had also informed the three election commissioners and Dr. Alok Shukla, Dy. EC about the irregularity. I expected a departmental inquiry rather than faking ignorance on the matter.

I reproduce my mails to the CEO:

Sent: 15 January 2013 15:15

Dear Mr. Jha,

ECI letter asking CEO Karnataka to conduct a survey and a copy of the survey report are attached.

http://www.tbnministry.com/?p=700 gives information about KMF, whose address and that of Search India mentioned in your office letter DPAR 105 CHUMAPA 2012 of 29 Dec 2012 seem to be same. The name of person (Alfred Samuel) who signed as the Managing Director of Search India and the treasurer of KMF are identical. When I called KMF number, the lady who answered the call told me that Alfred Samuel died on 15 Nov 2012. I then called the current MD Mr. Nagaraja Rao (944 847 4146) of Search India.

  1. He was chairman of Planning Department, State Government, Karnataka.
  2. A few retired officers of state government started Search India, a registered society, which did well for initial 4 to 5 years.
  3. Some of the founders are old and disabled and others are dead. The company does not have analysts  or staff for field work. They now have 13 members and no projects. They cannot execute projects even if they get.
  4. They want to close the company in March 2013.

Search India (P) Ltd. is a company owned by Jagdale Group. Their CEO has told me that they have no links with Search India registered as a society.

A letter from your office dated 22 Oct 2012 states that the survey report was not yet submitted. The survey report does not have a date or address of the organisation. I hope that it does not have a date after the death of the person who signed the report.

Sent: 11 January 2013 23:03

Dear Mr. Jha,

From your regular communication, I understand your good intentions  I also understand that you will require some time to stabilise the system. I shall be glad to help you in whatever way I can.

Last evening I got a copy of an undated survey report named “Summary of Baseline Survey of Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour, Belief and Practice (KABBP) of Electors in Karnataka.” If you read the report, you would understand how immature and incomplete it is.

From the survey report it is clear that the person who conducted the survey (if he has conducted one at all) does not understand the system. His findings appear far from reality and recommendations are childish and impractical. The report does not even have a date, leave alone the method, sample, etc.

ECI letter 447/SVEEP/2012 dated 12 April 2012 asking CEO, Karnataka, to conduct this survey states:

“The commission has directed that you may engage the services of suitable Institute/Agengcy, to carry out the survey, with the approval of the Commission. The terms of reference (TOR) for engaging Survey agency is enclosed herewith. As directed by the Commission, Advisor (SM), Sh. Kapil Kaul would be coordinating the entire Survey work, alongwith selection of suitable agency thereafor.

Proposals may be invited from the short listed agencies and baesd on the quality of proposals received the agency may be awarded the assignment.”

Ironically, the address of Search India (No.22/2, Benson Road, Benson Town, Bangalore 560046), who conducted the survey, is also the Administrative Registered Office of Karnataka Mission Fellowship Fund, a religious organisation. Name of the treasurer of the organisation is also S. Alfred Samuel – same as the one who signed as the Managing Director or Search India. See http://www.tbnministry.com/?p=700

I consider this is serious and if you would like to investigate the matter I want to discuss this with you.


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A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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