Swearing Chief Ministers

Karnataka has a new Chief Minister. He swore in the name of TRUTH. Wonderful!

We had a Thief Minister who either swore or wept – both in public. Sentiments  displayed in public are seldom personally felt. Another  believed in mis-Chief by black magic. The TM swore in the name of farmers and went around performing poojas in temples in his own name, spending crores of tax payers’ rupees. No guesses on whom the confused Gods  blessed for this obsession. At one stage he was to swear in front of deity in Dharmasthala about the misdeeds of another who joined hands to topple someone else some other time.

Basavanna told us not to lie, which does not need the sworn followers to speak truth. A lie has several shades of grey between white and black. One who tells a black lie believes that it  TRUTH won’t come to light.

Prof. Dan Ariely , a behavioral economist, discovered that people who write the ten commandments are primed to honesty for a while and cheat less for a brief period. Can we mandate  politicians to quote Basavanna before every promise they make? Will they be exceptions to Dan Ariely’s findings?

I like to read the good things being written about the new CM who swore by TRUTH. To tell the truth, I do not believe that he spent less or equal to only RS.16 lakh on his campaign. I also don’t believe that his movable and immovable assets are only Rs. 5 crores and he has liabilities of more than Rs. 2 crores. However, I am happy that he would not make public show of religious sentiments, which I believe should be private.


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One Response to Swearing Chief Ministers

  1. pgbhat says:

    From PV Maiya:
    Excellent. I do not believe any politician making a public show of his religiosity or those wearing Saffron. The new CM deserves our appreciation for excluding the latter. But he need not make a show of his atheism which at times is no more than a convenient cover while his conviction seems ambivalent; so he attributes his tilak or puja at home and in his office to his mute wife. It is as bad as to suggest death of a volunteer yesterday in the stampede is a bad omen. We need to wait till he forms his cabinet. If it excludes known crooks he would have taken the first step towards a reasonably truthful Govt.
    Governing involves resort to some sophistry, unhurtful lies, apparent truths etc. as Yudhistera did when he stated ‘ashwathamo hatah kunjahara ‘ muting ‘ kunjara’ to manage Drona to down his bow. Raja dharma is subtle and difficult to adhere to absolutes in worldly existence.
    The expectation from the new CM is to curb corruption – overt and covert – and with the help of some experts bring in Administrative Reforms and system improvements/ changes.
    The first thing he should do is to approve or give permission to prosecute officers whose cases are referred by the Lokayukta and have been pending with the Govt. for more than two months. This can set in motion a clean up of administration.


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