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Big need not be complex

Class-9 students termed some problems in algebra as complex. How could a text book problem be complex?  An example: If a+b+c = 2s, prove that 16s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c) = 2a2b2 + 2b2c2  + 2c2 a2 – a4 – b4 – c4 To … Continue reading

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A Corollary to Parkinson’s Law

A retired judge stopped writing to magazines because they now demand electronic copies of manuscripts. A manuscript is no more manually scripted, not even type-scripted – it is e-scripted. The judge has a wealth of wisdom to share, and has … Continue reading

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If there is a will, there are many ways

One of the banes of electoral rolls in the country is the rampant duplicate entries. Voter records are duplicated (a) within the same voter list, (b) in some other voter list within the constituency, (c) in other constituencies of the … Continue reading

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Just an emotional statement

“I answered a question that what I would do if the same was to happen to my daughter. I said if my daughter was having premarital sex and movign around with her boyfriend I would have burnt her alive… The … Continue reading

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Opportunity for the Young

Voter participation is vital to the health of a democracy. Clean and complete electoral rolls are vital to encourage voter participation. Election Commission of India and Chief Electoral Officers of various states and union territories have a great opportunity to … Continue reading

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First Time Voters

Today’s newspapers report that 31.5% of the Indians are in age group of 18 to 35 years as per Census of India report released on Friday, 6th September 2013. Election Commission estimates 725 million voters in the country. This would … Continue reading

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Late Lieutenant

Reading the voter lists of Nagaland I found many relative names prefixed with ‘Lt.’, a standard abbreviation for lieutenant, a rank in armed forces of many countries. We also have ranks like lieutenant colonel, lieutenant general, lieutenant commander, flight lieutenant, second lieutenant, etc. Having been a lieutenant … Continue reading

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