Little Girls Wiser than Their Elders


Department of Public Instructions, Karnataka, conducts annual cultural and literary competitions at cluster, block, district, and state levels. The event is meaningfully named as Prathibha Karnaji. This year, the competition for Vijayanagar (Bangalore) cluster was conducted on 29 November. Sri Bharathi Vidyalaya (SBV) participated with gusto in all the events. Mrs. Girija Hegde, the principal, accompanied the team.

Karnatic classical songs category had only two entries and the organisers told that the competition in the category would be cancelled because at least three entries were needed. Girija Hegde told the organisers that her student would miss an opportunity of competing.


Overhearing this conversation, Sunaritha Karanth, a student from another school approached Girija Hegde and told, “Though I do not know classical music, teach me a song. I could take part and avoid cancellation of the event.” Girija Hegde hugged the girl in joy and appreciation and taught her a song. The competition was held and Shreelakshmi of SBV won the first prize, qualifying to compete in the block level.

SBV students won 29 first prizes, 9 second prizes and 2 third prizes in the 41 events. Overall champions, again.

The real winner of the day is Sunaritha, who stood last among the three competitors in classical music.

The girl on the right in the photograph is Sunaritha, and to the left is Shreelakshmi.



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3 Responses to Little Girls Wiser than Their Elders

  1. Girija Hegde says:

    People like Sunaritha make this world more beautiful. She is a very compassionate child.
    When I called her father to narrate the incident, the doting father told me that Sunaritha regularly visits a blind school to help the children.

    Thank you very much for sharing the story of Sunaritha in your blog.


  2. sujatha bhat says:

    Girl like Sunaritha Karanth can make a change in this world. Her timely action is highly appreciable. Many of us talk about such ideas, but we don’t act. Spontaneously getting idea and implementing the same rarely happens, only girl like Sunaritha Karanth does that. Keep it up Sunaritha, you are the real change maker. Best of luck for your bright future.


  3. Rajendra Karanth - (Father) says:

    Mrs.Hegde, as a parent we appreciate for recognizing Sunaritha’s humbleness. She is always been this way and born with heart of gold. We time and again trained them in their upbringing to be grounded and the rest would follow. Mr. Bhat, thank you for publishing the same. I am sure this would help Sunaritha to achieve greater heights in future.


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