Value of Happiness

“Often I remind my teenage son not to be like his father. I hope and pray that he does not take my husband as a role model.”

“Well, whom should he choose as a role model?”

“His uncle, of course. Look at him. He is just 39 and is already earning 5 figure salaries per month. He owns all that a middle-class citizen dreams of – a cosy house, big car, membership of a few clubs … He has toured the world and his wife has started glob-trotting starting with Singapore on their honeymoon. Here I am without even a passport.  What use of passport when it is not in my fate to appear in an immigration counter ever?”

“Your grouse, then, is that your husband does not earn as much and has no money to splash on pleasures that you crave for. Is he respected in his work?”

“What is the use of respect by a few, if at all?  He may not be doing much because I he does not bring home any work.  His brother, on the other hand, is busy with his laptop past midnight – must be attending to something very important. Else, he is on conference calls, talking to his superiors or customers abroad. He is so important that he has no time for his family even during the weekends. It is so difficult for him to get a few days leave because his company cannot run in his absence. My husband often takes off a day or two in the pretext of any function in the family or friends’ circle.”

“So, your husband has a big friends’ circle, is it? And it seems that he has good relationship with family members.”

“He wastes time on them; and some money too. His books and music; not only he spends time and money on them; he is trying to corrupt our children by inducing interest in these wasteful activities. At their age, they should be preparing for the competitive exams. At this rate, they won’t enter IITs, NITs or BITS.”

“By your description, your husband seems to be happy, healthy, and active.”

“Of course, he is. He has no worry about anything in the world. God has inflicted them all on me, through him. If at all there is some occasional discomfort, he finds some silly home remedy. But, his brother’s company covers him and his family for health. They all go for executive medical check-up once a year. Even for a small ailment they get admitted for a couple of days in some 5 star hospitals and are attended by the best of specialists in the city. My husband says – Upward Mobility Can Be Hazardous to Your Health. When he is not dynamic, there is no question of mobility, upward or lateral. May be, there is some truth in what he says. His brother has spondylitis, symptoms of hypertension and is a wee-bit obese. These are minor prices to pay for the progress in his life.”

“You husband is happy with his job, at home, with people and with himself, it appears.”

“What is the use of his happiness? How about my happiness? What would people think of him, comparing with his most successful brother? All these years I have tried to make a man out of him. Now I only hope that our children do not become like him. Please pray for me.”


About pgbhat

A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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2 Responses to Value of Happiness

  1. Jay Shankar says:

    May the happiness prevail….


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