Undue Honour

Upon reading the news on 26 Jan, I wrote to the Chief Election Commissioner:

“Respected sir,

Though I am from Karnataka, I am not proud of the award you have bestowed on CEO-KA on National Voters’ Day. Today’s Times of India reports “the award will honour the state for achieving the country’s highest electoral population (EP) ratio”

It is not pleasant for me to state again that CEO-KA has the worst quality of ERMS among those of 13 states I have studied. You have sent a wrong message by honouring an office which has deliberately excluded lakhs of genuine voters and carries proably lakhs of fake and duplicate entries.

With rampant duplicate records and by not deleting the voters who are dead or have moved out, voter counts in the rolls are much higher than the count of genuine voters. The EP ratio you get are misleading with such wrong entries.”

As usual, there is no response yet to my mail to CEC.

Analysis of the rolls published by CEO-KA on 31 Jan has not changed the situation.

On 15 Sep 2012 I had written to CEO-KA, “Many errors are introduced in the process of modification – like making the age 0, changing sex of the voter, blanking out fields, etc. There seems to be errors in the software effecting modifications to voter records. You may like to investigate and correct the software, if this is the case. If these errors are created by human operations, then too, the software should be robust enough not to allow logical errors in the system”

The situation has not changed. In the new rolls, 2,550 additional voters are deleted by over-writing some other person’s data in the process of modification. CEO-KA accepted in Feb 2013 that about 18,000 records were corrupted during modification in Jan/Feb 2013. On 04 Jun 2013 he stated that all those records were corrected, which is not true. The corrupted records remain corrupted. Entropy leads a system from order to disorder. In some aspects, the state of electoral rolls of Karnataka is led from bad disorder to worse disorder. There never was order, I suspect.


About pgbhat

A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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2 Responses to Undue Honour

  1. P.V.Maiya says:

    The least one expects from a constitutional authority like the CEC Is a rigorous and unimpeachable level of scrutiny before conferring any award or recognition. Alas like some other institutions , one time reputed CEC has become a de-professionalised body.


  2. nageshramiah says:

    PG, My name is missing from electoral roll though I submitted my form in dec 13 and so is the case with Charu. Perhaps we should start a campaign against this bestowing of honors where they are not due. Probably the beneficiaries of these errors are behind such distribution of honors. Affly, Nagesh


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