A question of CEO-KA’s integrity

Handbook for Booth Level Officers (BLO) published by Election Commission of India states, “BLO is a representative of Election Commission of India at the grass-root level who plays a pivotal role in the process of roll revision and collecting actual field information, ” and that “Fidelity of electoral roll being the essential condition for a free and fair poll, it becomes imperative to address the issue effectively.”

For years, CEO-KA has been telling that it is almost impossible to get BLOs in Karnataka. Quality of our electoral rolls amply demonstrates the effect of neglecting the tasks of BLOs.

ECI has been asking CEOs to publish lists of BLOs at their website. Lo and behold! CEO-KA finds BLOs for all the booths of 124 out of 224 constituencies of Karnataka and publishes documents with their names and mobile phone numbers at his website. The documents were created on 21 Feb 2014.

Why don’t we have lists of BLOs for the remaining 100 constituencies? No answer from CEO-KA to my mail with this query.

You call the numbers of BLOs mentioned in the lists. We get answers that they are not BLOs and have nothing to do with this task. After the appointment, the BLOs are required to undergo a training using the material published by ECI. When they are not even appointed, there is no question of training.

It is evident that the published details of BLOs is fabricated. In the past, many actions of CEO-KA were against the rules of ECI. When we cannot trust what is officially published by the Chief Electoral Officer of the state, it is a question about his integrity. When he lacks fidelity, how do we expect fidelity in his actions?



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