Election Day: Who’s Apathy?

Seeing long queues at polling booths at 0700 is gratifying. By 0715 I got a few calls from young people that they have already cast their votes.

I visited a few booths within 5 km from my home. The political party representatives stationed near polling booths help people to find their names in the rolls and give voter slips. Unfortunately most of them have old version of voter lists, published on 06 Jan 2014. About 6 lakh voters have been added to electoral rolls of Bangalore since then, whose names appear in the lists published on 26 Mar 2014. When the party representatives do not find the names in their old lists, they tell the citizens that the names are not in the lists though in fact they could be in the current lists. The reps are ignorant.

When the voters go to the booths, the officials there ask for voter slip given by political parties, which makes it easy to verify entries in electoral rolls.

ECI letter 491/SVEEP/09/2013-KT(EGS)  dated 28 Feb 2013 required CEO, Karnataka, to issue voter slips to individual voters during the Assembly Elections in May 2013. This was done only partially. Recently, CEO-KA announced that voter slips with photographs would be given to individual voters for the Loksabha Elections. I do not know of anyone who has got such slips.

In the absence of official voter slips from CEO organisation, booth officers asking for voter slips, and political parties referring to old lists and misleading the voters – it will still be voter apathy, officially speaking.


About pgbhat

A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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