Proprieties and Priorities

“Kiran Mazumdar apologizes after tweet about Rohan Murty’s presentation at Infosys,” flashes front page news in Times of India on 24 Apr 2014, with a photograph of Kiran Mazumdar. Strangely and sadly, she apologised for praising Rohan Murthy. This makes front page news. I respect and admire her and don’t like to see non-news on front pages of newspapers.

The Prime Minister tweeted “India’s Space programme is a perfect example of my vision of Scale, Speed and Skill,” after PSLV C23 injected five foreign satellites into the specified orbits on 30 Jun 2014. News on this proud moment and great achievement of ISRO was reported on page-3, without any photograph. TOI did not report the tweet though it has been regularly reporting spicy ones from Modi and ones like Taroor.

“The rocket lifted off at 9.52am and completed all four phases with textbook precision,” a great achievement of ISRO.  “Modi went around congratulating the scientists after promising bigger thrust on space science,” is an important policy statement.

Gossip-like news is often on front page. When Modi cynically called someone Shehazada, that made front page news for days. A momentous event is pushed to third page.

I continue with TOI because when we sell the copies as old news paper, it is a good ROI.


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A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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2 Responses to Proprieties and Priorities

  1. nageshramiah says:

    PG, Newspapers need to be redefined as Advt. and news also papers. This is era of commercial journalism. Affly, Nagesh


  2. Chetan Rao says:

    Atleast, it was in New paper. Outside India, Mar’s mission here was more criticized in the papers saying India spending money on technology than people. When I speak with my colleagues here, 90% of them were not even aware of it and India’s space capabilities.


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