Truth Alone Triumphs. Does It?

Waking up at 0500, as usual, on the new year day, I open the newspaper. 1,016 files belonging to BBMP are recovered from an MLA’s private house. A BBMP executive engineer and 3 staff members work from the MLA’s house, found by Lokayukta.

The MLA states that he is innocent, but would not answer any other questions.

Over the past few years I have collected business cards of several government officials and politician holding government offices. A golden Ashoka emblem with the nation’s motto Satyameva Jayathe – Truth Alone Triumphs – is at the top of these cards. Does truth have a chance in most of these offices?

Our currency notes and coins too have the motto inscribed to remind us the primacy of truth every time we transact. Unfortunately, bribes are paid using the same currency notes each one reminding us about the triumph of truth.

The USA in 1776 had adopted a motto “E plubirun unum” roughly meaning Unity in

e_plubirusDiversity, suggesting that out of many peoples, races, religions, languages, and ancestries has emerged a single people and nation. In 1955, US Congress passed a bill to change the motto of the nation changed to “In God We Trust.” Congressmen claimed this to be one of the fundamental differences between the citizens of the US and communists. The motto is inscribed in US currency notes and coins. If an atheist or agnostic does a cash transaction, he still passes on in writing – in God we trust. May be better than stating that truth alone triumphs while conducting nefarious activities.

Or should we have different set of slogans for certain people – “God Save the Country”?


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2 Responses to Truth Alone Triumphs. Does It?

  1. pgbhat says:

    Reblogged this on PG's Pensieve and commented:

    Ironically for the US, in the years of cold war, being different from the Communists was more important than unity in diversity of the country.


  2. Udaya Kumar P L says:

    This same MLA sometime back as contractor built the UAS compound wall that collapsed and killed a young child Sanjana Singh. The incident was in the news for sometime and was even publicised at the time of his election as MLA Rajarajeswari Nagar. Our people despite all that voted him in !
    When people dont care, whatever the governments motto the likes of him will thrive. I would rather the motto be “kurigalu saar kurigalu” as it is typical of a majority of our people.


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