Delhi Rolls – Oct 2014

Today’s news report states that assembly elections in Delhi are likely to be held by middle of February. The electoral rolls at CEO-DL website were published on 15 October with all the previous errors. CEO-DL and ECI have not acted on the errors despite reporting such errors scores of times. The main issues are

1. More than 11 lakh sets of duplicated voter records. The list can be narrowed down by comparing voter photographs, not available in public documents. I have provided a software application to ECI two years ago to compare photographs, accessing voter database. No actions.

2. ECI recommends maximum 1,400 voters per urban booths. EVMs can register maximum 2,000 votes. Delhi rolls have 2,107 parts with 1,400 voters and 114 with more than 2,000 voters. Analysis of election results of various states show that when the voter counts in a booth increase beyond about 900, voter turnout% drops. It drops sharply beyond 1,600. This is due to physical limitations and not due to voter apathy – the favourite slogan of officials and politicians, insulting the citizens.

Repeated mails and calls to politicians also have not stirred any interest in them. My letters to CJI, Minister of Law, and to the Prime Minister have not evoked any response.

I’ll analyse the next version of rolls, expected this week, and update here.


About pgbhat

A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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2 Responses to Delhi Rolls – Oct 2014

  1. pgbhat says:

    I spent 25 May 2013 in the office of CEO-DL, most of the time in the office of Special CEO Dr. Sangla. I had shown him lakhs of suspected duplicates, how to detect them and how to correct. He had appreciated and asked me to help. However, he was transferred out soon and my association ended there. ECI and CEOs are aware of the problem and also know the solution. I do not know what stops them from acting,


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