BBMP Electoral Rolls: History Repeats

Home page of State Election Commissioner (SEC), Karnataka, states that its objectives are superintendence, direction and control over the preparation of electoral rolls and conduct of all elections to the Urban and Rural Local Bodies. A link from its home page takes us to BBMP home page from where we get a link to the electoral rolls of BBMP.

When we reach the voter list of a booth, we need to input CAPTCHA to open. The document is a .aspx image file.

  • This is not an open standard and is has a vendor-lock-in with Microsoft. This is an anti-pattern, a counterproductive practice.
  • Being an image file, a citizen can’t even search his entries in the document. To find a record, one has to serially browse the entire document.

In January 2013, CEO, Karnataka introduced CAPTCHA and also converted the PDF text files to image files. We argued that this was arbitrary and discriminatory action. After two meetings with the 3 Election Commissioners, ECI directed CEO-KA to remove CAPTCHA and also to publish the rolls as PDF text files. This was effected in March 2013.

SEC has now repeated the history.


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