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Pramila Rajya – The Land of Women

As per census report 2011, Karnataka has 973 females per 1000 males. Bangalore has 904 female voters per 1000 male voters, showing that large numbers of females have not registered as voters. However, Part 17 of 151-Koramangala ward has 784 … Continue reading

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Get a second one free, even if you don’t ask for

A report states, “Election Commission to delete 8.55 lakh names from Mumbai suburb voters’ list… Duplication, shift of residence and deaths are the three prime reasons.” Interesting. Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra (CEO-MH) denies data that he is required to … Continue reading

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Census and Senseless

According to Census India report, 41.1% of the Indian population are below 18 years of age. News reports told that BBMP Elections had 73,88,256 voters. This would mean a population of 1,25,25,000 in BBMP area if every eligible citizen has … Continue reading

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All is well that ends well

Sate Election Commission (SEC), an organ of the state government, is responsible to conduct local body elections. Thus, it does not enjoy autonomy like Election Commission of India(ECI). Rules and policies of SEC are not well documented. Practices are arbitrary. … Continue reading

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Whose sin (PAP) is it?

Gopal drew my attention to the news item  that states: “All further activities relating to collection/feeding/seeding of Aadhaar number being undertaken under the National Electoral Rolls Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP) shall be suspended with immediate effect,” the Election Commission … Continue reading

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A Farce Voter Registration Drive

With supporting data to infer from, I suspect that about 4,00,000 approved requests for registration are not included as voters in State Election Commission (SEC) rolls for the BBMP elections. They seem to be included in Chief Electoral Officer’s (CEO) rolls. … Continue reading

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Claims and Realities. No one objects.

Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka (CEO-KA) has published the list of applications for inclusion in the electoral rolls. 3,66,640 of 4,65,377 applications are approved. However, a search for voter names (with relative names) as given in the list show that … Continue reading

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