Census and Senseless

According to Census India report, 41.1% of the Indian population are below 18 years of age. News reports told that BBMP Elections had 73,88,256 voters. This would mean a population of 1,25,25,000 in BBMP area if every eligible citizen has registered as voter. Knowing that large number of young people and migratory population have not registered as voters, the population of BBMP areas should be even higher. Is it?

As per various official statements,  population of BBMP area is about 1 croreIf so, we cannot have more than about 59 lakh voters. Considering that many have not registered, valid voters could be about 55 lakhs. With more than 40% possible bloat in the electoral rolls, actual voter turnout% soars to about 80%. This too seems unlikely!

Unless we have acceptably clean electoral rolls, statistics churned out by authorities will remain suspect. Actions based on such statistics will be non-productive.

When I complained about the rampant errors in his electoral rolls, State Election Co9mmissioner (SEC-KA) forwarded it to Chief Electoral Officer (CEO-KA) stating that it was CEO-KA to consider the matter. Earlier, CEO-KA had written to me, “During BBMP elections, the task of publishing the electoral rolls for the wards vests with the State Election Commission. The Draft Electoral rolls for the Assembly Constituencies in Bangalore City have been published by the Election Commission of India. Therefore there are bound to be differences.”

If we get access to various documents like PDS records, LPG records, telephone directories (including mobile phones), bank account data, passport data, etc., we can build evidences for fake entries and make it easy to eliminate them. This would be an interesting work. Before field work if we use technology to target errors, work becomes far simpler. I had suggested this approach to ECI and CEO-KA in 2012, with a prototype solution.

I am confident that electoral rolls can be cleansed in less than one year without great efforts, but with some commitment from ECI and various CEOs. SEC-KA is a wasted organisation.


About pgbhat

A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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One Response to Census and Senseless

  1. What number do you have as number of voters in Bangalore now per the latest rolls ? It used to be 70.4L two years ago.

    I know this is tough to estimate/guess – how much of public funds do you think are being siphoned off leveraging these bogus voter ids ?


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