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A report states, “Election Commission to delete 8.55 lakh names from Mumbai suburb voters’ list… Duplication, shift of residence and deaths are the three prime reasons.”

Interesting. Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra (CEO-MH) denies data that he is required to provide as per the Election Commission’s (ECI) directives. ECI asks him to publish electoral rolls of 59 constituencies of the state in English. As per ECI definition, electoral rolls are open documents and the guidelines are to publish them in pdf-text format. CEO-MH does not publish the rolls in English. Neither he nor ECI responds to repeated emails requesting to publish them in English. Countrywide poor quality of electoral rolls is a sad story.

Using software, we can find the majority of suspected duplicate entries. Let us hope that CEO-MH will remove the real duplicate entries.

Story in Karnataka may be worse. In Bangalore alone, we have leaks of suspected duplicate entries. Despite them being reported regularly, Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka, (CEO-KA) regularly creates new duplicate entries.

As seen at CEO-KA web page serial 32140, an application for registration dated 11/03/2015 was approved for addition in constituency 174, part 305. The applicant is Kameswari, relative’s name is N. Subramanian, Husband. When we search at CEO-KA website with the details, we find two records – one at serial 1121 with EPIC# SVF7127467 and the other at serial 1125 with EPIC# SVF7159478. All the details are identical. One application has resulted two records just a few months ago. Ms. Kameswari says that she submitted only one application indicating N. Subramanian as father. Thus, apart from creating a duplicate record, the system has also shown her father as husband.

Electra and Oedipus complexes created by the Electoral Registration (ERO) staff.  My neighbor’s father-in-law was recorded as her husband. How would a lady like if her father or father-in-law is called her husband or a husband as the father? Will ERO staff stop dreaming of incest?

One Mr. Krishna’s wife Sumathi is named his husband. ERO staff knows who calls the shots in this house!

CEO, SEC, and the Commissioner of BBMP have not responded to my email of 13 August on the above matter. I am used with being ignored by them and others in ECI hierarchy.

In Karnataka, earlier duplicate records are not being deleted while new ones are being added regularly. Blocking such errors is very simple for data entry software – if only the software vendor considered professionalism and the CEO cared for quality.

Ironically, CEC stated recently that it is a crime to have duplicate voter records. A citizen only applies for a voter record; ECI organisation creates them. Before accusing citizens for having multiple voter records, it would be prudent for ECI to discipline his own organisation.


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A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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