Pramila Rajya – The Land of Women

As per census report 2011, Karnataka has 973 females per 1000 males. Bangalore has 904 female voters per 1000 male voters, showing that large numbers of females have not registered as voters. However, Part 17 of 151-Koramangala ward has 784 females in the total 835 voters – 94.13% voters are females as against 47.48% in Bangalore as a whole.

The part covers St. John’s Hospital and hostels and most of the voters seem to the nurses in the hospital. Also, this part has the highest percentage of young voters.

Age Group                   Ward 151, part 17                Bangalore
18 to 25 years old:             50.78%                            11.76%
26 to 40 years:                    37.36%                           46.27%
Older than 40:                     11.86%                            41.97%Voter Age BLR Vs Johns

Voter age axis, trails beyond 130 years because the electoral rolls have voters up to age 131.

If and when the State Election Commission publishes detailed results in Form-20, we can check how many of the young women showed in the polling booths. In parliamentary elections of 2014, voter turnout in this part was only 13.99%.  Enthusiasm in registration does not create better turnout on polling day. Registering as a voter helps in getting an identity card useful in several places, despite possible errors in it. Sometimes, these errors may help the user!


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