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Leaplings and Ausplings

Today is a leap day. Bangalore edition of Times of India Page 1 (which comes after four page-full advertisements) has a story ‘Being a leapling is no fun.’ A lady has been advised by her astrologer that leap day would … Continue reading

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Micro Tasks and Mega Opportunities

We as individuals or as part of some organisations do several repetitive small tasks. They become monotonous when done manually. Satisfaction is the reward for a task, which is lost when it gets boring. We commit mistakes, create rework, and … Continue reading

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A Thousand Bangalore Voters with Unsound Minds?

409 voters, forming 26.22% of the voter list for part 305 of Mahadevapura Assembly Constituency have been disqualified from being voters in the new electoral rolls published by CEO-KA on 11 Jan 2016. As per Representation of the People Act, … Continue reading

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CEC’s Pride, Citizens’ Concern

As per a news report, the Chief Election Commissioner said, “Enrollment of 18-19 year age group has always been a matter of concern. Commission is pleased to inform that 50 per cent of total voters of this age group have … Continue reading

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Delete Me, Silently

Due to poor software, lack of respect for processes and no accountability, electoral rolls are abused. In 2013 we discovered that more than 10,000 voters from the rolls of Bangalore were deleted in two months, by overwriting them with the … Continue reading

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