Delete Me, Silently

Due to poor software, lack of respect for processes and no accountability, electoral rolls are abused. In 2013 we discovered that more than 10,000 voters from the rolls of Bangalore were deleted in two months, by overwriting them with the records of some other voters. This happened while modifying the records. In a meeting in March 2013, CEO, Karnataka accepted this error. However, he has not restored the voters who were thus deleted. Though the count of new records being thus corrupted have reduced, they have not stopped. A few hundred records are corrupted with every new version of electoral rolls of Bangalore. They would happen with the rolls of the rest of Karnataka too. There is no record of the deletions, but the voters face a rude shock when they find some other voter data has over-written in the record.

It is unfortunate and demoralising that even despite evidences, CEO-KA has chosen to ignore feedback about several quality issues in his processes and voter data.

In the version published on 11 Jan too, I suspect that hundreds of voters have been deleted in the process of modifying – indicated by the distance in the details of pre_ and post_ modification versions of the records.


  • Babu Rao, S/O Krishnoji Rao, House# 87/B, becomes Imtiyaz Pasha, S/O Abdul Azeez, living in House# 68/B.
  • Jayaram, 26 years, S/O Puttaswamy, House# 1286, becomes Vanaja, age 49, W/O Ramesh Babu, House# 1318.

While I have written to CEO-KA with copy to CEC about this issue with about 160 samples and evidences, I do not expect a response from them. Sad.


About pgbhat

A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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