Swimming Fools of BBMP

CEO, Karnataka did not reply my two month old mail (of 05 Feb 2016) about disqualification of 2,007 voters of Bangalore in the revised electoral rolls published on 11 Jan 2016. As discussed in an earlier blog  a voter can be disqualified for becoming insane or being convicted – both declared so by a competent court.

Based on the previous experience, I do not expect response to mails or letters from  Election Commission of India (ECI) or any of the 36 Chief Electoral Offices (CEO) of the country.I filed an RTI on 06 Feb requesting reasons for disqualification of the voters of Bangalore.

  • on 24 Feb, CEO-KA transferred the RTI to all the Electoral Registration Officers (ERO) of Bangalore, asking them to respond directly to me. CEO-KA is not interested in knowing the reasons for disqualification. In less than a minute, he could have queried the Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS) database  and identified the parts where voters were disqualified and sent letters only to those EROs. Also, I had sent a list of disqualified voters to CEO-KA.
  • Most of the EROs have transferred the RTI to AEROs, and have shown no interest in finding the reason for calling voters insane or convicted.
  • Responses from AEROs are trickling in. I have received 16 responses so far – all stating that no voter has been disqualified, whereas in 5 of those cases, voters have been disqualified. A lie in writing, but to take up the cases would require patience and some work.

Though my RTI mentions preferred mode of communication as email, except two, the rest responded by registered post. Most of the letters do not mention the office phone number or email ID. So much for Digital India.

Interestingly, address of one AERO is: BBMP Swimming Fool, 1st Floor,  9th Cross Hampinagar -560104.

Someone may find out how many swimming fools are in the BBMP.

An aside: Dan Ariely blogged  funny and later said that it was partly an April Fooling activity. CEO-KA and his officers are certainly fooling around with a serious issue involving a simple correction.


About pgbhat

A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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