Good and Bad Blood are Both Thicker Than Water

Yadavs Mulayam and his son Akhilesh. Bad blood. No – they both have good blood, but there was bad blood between them. Mulayam expelled Akhilesh and his loyalists from the political party, which he thought was his. Before the opposition could have a gala party to celebrate the weakening of SP in the new year’s eve, Akhilesh is accepted back in the party. A prodigal son? Mulayam may soften the situation with such thought, but Akhilesh did not seem repent. Prodigal father? We do not have a moral story to support this.

In 2006 when HD Kumaraswamy parted ways with INC and formed an alliance with BJP to usurp power, his father HD stated that he was ashamed of his son’s act – an unholy alliance followed by stabbing a friend on the back. Did it run in the blood? Most of us would have forgotten how HD treated his mentor Ramakrishna Hegde. On the day HD was to be sworn as the CM of Karnataka, his supporters beat Ramakrishna Hegde with chappals in the stairs of Vidhana Soudha. After denouncing his son in public, it was reported that HD watched the swearing ceremony of Kumaraswamy on TV with glee. In a couple of days, HD publically pardoned HDK and the loyal son and doting father was in the same party. Now the father and son have a great party – most others having left it stinking and sinking.

Madras witnessed the extra-vagrant wedding of Jayalalitha’s foster son DN Sudhakar. I was in that city on that day, inconvenienced and very irritated. Madras became Chennai and Amma disowned the son. She dis-disowned the son again, it was reported. However,  when he came to visit the Amma at Apollo hospital in October last year, he was not allowed entry. Bad blood? There is no common blood between this Amma and this once foster son. Is there water? Amma’s fame is partly due to her fight for Kavery water with the state where was born.

The ever-attempting-to-rise son-of-Sonia is out of the country, partying the new year in a city where his father met his mother at a party in a restaurant. His party would wish him to be fishing in the troubled waters of UP  with the next assembly elections in mind.


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A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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