Stale Data at Election Commissioner’s Website

ECI site provides a good feature to search for voters from all the states/union territories of the country. The problem is that ECI provided data is not synchronised with that published by the Chief Electoral officers of the states and union territories.

Technically, it is a bad practice to provide the same service from two different agencies using different applications and different data sets. If there is a compelling reason to do so, then the two organisations should follow data discipline, make user experience identical, and synchronise the data. Unfortunately, National Voters’ Services Portal does not follow these common sense principles.

During the past year, in a few emails I had communicated the problem to the Director-IT at ECI, but he seems to have ignored my observations.

Situation today:

Voter data at ECI site seem to be what CEO Karnataka published in Jan 2016. The CEO has published two more version since then – in Oct 2016 and  Jan 2017. Voters registered since Jan 2016 do not appear in at ECI site. The voters who have been deleted since Jan 2016 continue to appear in the lists at ECI site.

Navigating from a page at CEO website you can open any voter list and search for the added and deleted voters at ECI site. The added won’t appear and the deleted would show up. Also, the voter serial numbers would differ from those in the list.

Stale and unreliable data published by the apex body of electoral organisation can confuse the voters and lead to wrong actions,  further deteriorating the already poor quality of electoral rolls.

On National Voters’ Day on 25 Jan the President of India will honour various officers of ECI organisation for their “excellent services” to the country.


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A retired Naval Officer and an educationist. Has experience with software industry. A guest faculty at different institutes and a corporate trainer with software development companies.
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