In this blog, I intend sharing my views on education and social issues and plan to post once a week.

I retired from the Indian Navy in 1996 after serving as a technical officer for 21 years. Then I worked as a Senior Manager at HCL Perot Systems, VP at ObjectOrb Technologies and as founding Managing Director of Parity Computing India. I am currently the President of Pluma Knowledge Solutions (P) Ltd.

I have taught technical and behavioral subjects in about 40 software companies and several reputed educational institutes. I am a visiting faculty at National College, Bangalore, and Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore. I speak on technical and complementary subjects in seminars and workshops. I am an adviser to a few rural and urban schools on teaching methods and general management and am associated with a few NGOs.


2 Responses to About

  1. Sneha says:

    Hello Sir

    We have been conducting voters verification survey in Basavanagudi Area from past 15 days. We would like to have your view with regard to this. please reach us at 9886716264.




  2. pgbhat says:

    Thanks, Sneha. I am keen to know about your work. When I call 988 671 6264 I get a message that it is out of service. You can write to me at bhat.pg@gmail.com and call at 990 014 1232 / 2672 1232.



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