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Elections are Coming – ERMS: Electoral Roll [Mis]management System of Karnataka

Data Delayed Election Commission of India (ECI) guidelines require all the Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) of the states and union territories of India to publish new versions of electoral rolls in January and October every year. Most of the CEOs … Continue reading

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Boast of Bloated Electoral Rolls

A news report states, “India now has a total of 850 million voters, chief election commissioner Nasim Zaidi said at a function to mark National Voters’ Day” Statistics from census report 2011: Total population: 1,21,05,69,573 and people above 18 years of … Continue reading

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Analytics without actions?

Majority of my 225 blog posts were comments on Indian Electoral Management System. Innocent curiosity started in 2009 led to more serious analysis, unearthing grave issues with the system and the callous attitude of authorities. My analytics have not resulted … Continue reading

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Whose sin (PAP) is it?

Gopal drew my attention to the news item  that states: “All further activities relating to collection/feeding/seeding of Aadhaar number being undertaken under the National Electoral Rolls Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP) shall be suspended with immediate effect,” the Election Commission … Continue reading

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A note on NOTA

Electors can reject all the candidates by pressing a button marked NOTA (None of the Above) in Electronic Voting Machine. This was introduced for the first time in the recent Loksabha elections after a Supreme Court judgement. Like many others, … Continue reading

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ERMS: Sound Guidelines; Insensitive Implementation

In earlier blogs I argued that when the number of voters in a polling booth is higher than 1,320, then not all the voters in the booth can cast votes in the allotted polling hours. CEOs deny voting rights of citizens by … Continue reading

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Simple Arithmetic for Election Commission

A Times of India story states, “Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas is the lone voter in the midst of Gujarat’s Gir forest, home to the Asiatic lion, for whom an entire election team sets up a polling booth every election — and … Continue reading

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