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UPSC Chairman ordered to be chief guest

Half-page advertisement in Times of India states: “Prof. (Dr.) D.P. Agrawal, Chairman, Union Public Service Commission, shall be the chief guest. Prof. (Dr.) K. Srinath Reddy, President, National Board of Examinations, will confer Diplomate National Board (DNB) & Fellow National … Continue reading

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Is Mulayam Singh Playing God?

One Harvard Business Review blog states: “Billions of people around the globe are desperately trying to learn English—not simply for self-improvement, but as an economic necessity…recruiters and HR managers around the world report that job seekers with exceptional English compared … Continue reading

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Late Lieutenant

Reading the voter lists of Nagaland I found many relative names prefixed with ‘Lt.’, a standard abbreviation for lieutenant, a rank in armed forces of many countries. We also have ranks like lieutenant colonel, lieutenant general, lieutenant commander, flight lieutenant, second lieutenant, etc. Having been a lieutenant … Continue reading

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Sarkari Circular

No. ELSVR/18/2012-13 Subject: citizen participation in improving civic amenities. Bangalore has earned fame as garden city and has attracted attention of the world. A meeting is organised in Town Hall on 15-12-2012 at 11:00 to discuss with the Commissioner of … Continue reading

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Bhagavad Geetha in Gettysburg

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivered The Gettysburg Address during the American Civil War, on November 19, 1863. This is accepted as one of the greatest speeches ever. The text of the speech has only 246 words in ten sentences. It is both a … Continue reading

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Garbage In – More Stinking Garbage Out: Apathy of Voter List

Karnataka state government made a crusade to rename the state capital from Bangalore to Bengaluru – or is it Bengalooru? Prof. of G Venkatasubbaiah, a 99-year-old lexicographer, said, “I don’t endorse the name-changing madness since patriotism is in the heart, … Continue reading

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KSBC and ‘bad English’

Today’s newspaper reports that the 13 members present in a special meeting of the Bar Council of Karnataka (KSBC) unanimously adopted a resolution to remove its chairman Anandkumar Appu Magadum. They voted against him for ‘bad English’ as he was … Continue reading

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