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Micro Tasks and Mega Opportunities

We as individuals or as part of some organisations do several repetitive small tasks. They become monotonous when done manually. Satisfaction is the reward for a task, which is lost when it gets boring. We commit mistakes, create rework, and … Continue reading

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Analytics without actions?

Majority of my 225 blog posts were comments on Indian Electoral Management System. Innocent curiosity started in 2009 led to more serious analysis, unearthing grave issues with the system and the callous attitude of authorities. My analytics have not resulted … Continue reading

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Mountain Moves to Polling Booth

In a BBMP Ward Office, I manually compared photographs of 33 sets of suspected duplicate records identified by software. In 22 sets, the photographs matched as also verified by the staff in the ward office. Four records did not have … Continue reading

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Some Sticky Notes

A Fortune Global 500 company asked me to conduct a 2-days training course on Software Project Management. The syllabus was prescribed, which included Agile Development Methodologies. I reached the reception 30 minutes before the course was to commence. With polite … Continue reading

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Big need not be complex

Class-9 students termed some problems in algebra as complex. How could a text book problem be complex?  An example: If a+b+c = 2s, prove that 16s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c) = 2a2b2 + 2b2c2  + 2c2 a2 – a4 – b4 – c4 To … Continue reading

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A Corollary to Parkinson’s Law

A retired judge stopped writing to magazines because they now demand electronic copies of manuscripts. A manuscript is no more manually scripted, not even type-scripted – it is e-scripted. The judge has a wealth of wisdom to share, and has … Continue reading

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If there is a will, there are many ways

One of the banes of electoral rolls in the country is the rampant duplicate entries. Voter records are duplicated (a) within the same voter list, (b) in some other voter list within the constituency, (c) in other constituencies of the … Continue reading

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